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December 10, 2011

10 Awesome Airplay Games for the Apple iOS

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Ten Awesome Apple iOS Airplay games


When the announcement for the release of Airplay came from Apple last year, there was a great deal of hype. The program was what everyone had been waiting for: the ability to flawlessly transfer files for playability from one screen or device to another, specifically from a handheld of Mac/PC to different media docks. The day it came out and it was tested, it was obvious that while a few points didn’t meet expectations in the first release, it was a keeper.

Usually when people think of Airplay, they think of traditional media. You can play your iTunes wirelessly through speakers in any room with compatible hardware. Users are able to transfer video from the small screen of their iPad to their Apple TV to watch on full screen. All of this with only a few seconds of buffering and a seamless detection process that doesn’t seem to have that pesky crashing problem of older Apple products.

Airplay for Games

An option that is still slightly new given the lack of compatible options in the beginning is game play. With the introduction of the iOS 5 software update in October, a number of game developers began offering updated versions that could be used with the new mirroring feature on the operating system. Pangea was perhaps the biggest developer to offer these updates to their games, making them useable on Airplay for the first time.

You can find a full list of Airplay apps here, but let’s take a look at some of the games they are currently offering for Airplay.

Free Games

  • Mega Jump
  • Mega-Jump-Apple-iOS-Airplay-game

    This fun little game puts you in control of a cute, little red guy who has jumped so high he has flown clear into space. His goal is to go to the very edge of the universe, collecting coins, avoiding targets and monsters and using power ups to boost energy as he goes. It’s addicting, especially as it is free.

  • MetalStorm: Wingman
  • Metalstorm-Wingman-Apple-iOS-Airplay-game

    Most air combat apps are expensive, so this was an impressive game for free that gives you all of the best of flying war games without the price. The graphics are solid and the gameplay exciting. They also have plenty of features to help simulate the controls of a complex and advanced piece of air machinery.

  • Atari’s Greatest Hits
  • Ataris-greatest-hits-Apple-iOS-Airplay-Game

    Who can resist the old Atari arcade classics? This app takes a number of their most popular games from the 70’s and 80’s for you to enjoy on your iPad and AppleTV. It wouldn’t be worth creating a full list of the rather thorough game inclusion. Suffice to say, you will find all of your favorites here.

    Dollar Games

  • SHIFT 2 Unleashed
  • Shift-2-Apple-iOS-Airplay-game

    If you were a fan of the original SHIFT, you will be happy with the update. Still one of the best racer apps on the market, this time the graphics have been improved, the maps expanded and the controls are smoother and more intuitive.

  • Zombie Gunship
  • Zombie-Gunship-Apple-iOS-Airplay-game

    Zombies, a gaggle of survivors you have to protect, and a powerful, heavily-armed AC-130 attack jet. What more could you possibly hope for in a game? This simple and addicting shoot ’em up lets you fly over a city overrun with the undead, which come in an endless stream of flesh hungry carnage. You blast them to bits to save the few remaining living souls on the ground below. If you spend a dollar on any game from this list, I would recommend this one.

  • Rage-HD-Apple-iOS-Airplay-game

    While it is $1.99 instead of $0.99, it is still a great value for the price. Based on the popular post-apocalypse, mutant killing shooter, you go through the barren wasteland of the future world searching for supplies and taking out those who would tear you apart. Any fans of the original will enjoy this surprisingly advanced mobile version.

    Full Cost Games

  • Enigmo 2
  • Enigmo-2-Apple-iOS-Airplay-Game

    The original Engimo was one of the most popular games released from Apple. Now, they have a sequel with tons of 3D puzzle fun. You navigate the streams of water and lasers to their proper containers using the randomly generated puzzle piece. It only costs $2.9

  • Nanosaur 2
  • Nanosaur-2-Apple-iOS-Airplay-game

    Have you ever wanted to be a dinosaur from the future with an explosive laser strapped to its head? If you said yes, you will like this Nanosaur sequel. You basically fly through a dino landscape, blowing things up as you look for the missing dinosaur eggs. It’s a lot of fun, and all for $3.99.

  • Jurassic Park: The Game
  • Jurassic-Park-Apple-iOS-Airplay-game

    Like your dinos explosive free? Then you can always go with the more traditional Jurassic Park: The Game, which is set during the second half of the classic movie. The security systems keeping the massive, lab-created historical beasts have failed, and you have to navigate through the park without losing your life to the carnivores. While it costs $6.99, this game is worth that, easily.

  • Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
  • Modern-Combat-3-Fallen-Nation-Apple-iOS-Airplay-game

    Fans of the Modern Warfare series will enjoy this blatant (but fun!) rip off of the monumental first person shooter. The third installment finds better maps, better weapon controls and a great storyline as the freedom of the US is fought for in an apocalyptic landscape in the early days of the current empire’s fall. This is another game worth the $6.99.


    There are at least a dozen more games compatible with Apple Airplay out right now. But these are some of the absolute best, and worth a download.


    Guest Author: Annie Wallace

    Annie is a geeky blogger for Mobile Phone Finder, the free mobile phone comparison app based in Australia.