October 21, 2011

A Spotify Book Collection – 28 Classic Sherlock Holmes Adventures

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Written by: Israel Kendall
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Sherlock Holmes on Spotify


Here is another great collection of audio books on Spotify, 28 Classic Sherlock Holmes Adventures. Well, they aren’t all technically audio books, a lot of them are old radio performances or soundtracks from old movies, but they’re great stories none the less.


There is a bit of overlap in the stories that are contained in this Spotify Book Collection, you may find the same Sherlock Holmes stories in different versions, or even the same version on different compilations. I included all the different versions and compilations of the Sherlock Holmes stories for the sake of completeness and to allow you to choose which version suit your listening preference the best.


Let me take that back, I did not include one version. The “Eternal Classic Audio Books” version of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is just so horrid I would have felt bad linking to it. It sounds like the girl from the AI vs AI chatbot video is reading it to you.


If this is your first time on Gnarld, you might want to check out the other audio book collections I’ve posted here: 21 Classic Audio Books on Spotify, William Shakespeare Plays and Sonnets on Spotify, and 42 Spooky Stories, Poems, and Performances on Spotify. If you check back later for updates, let it be known that I post this type of material in the Books Section on Gnarld.


Without any further ado, here is the Sherlock Holmes collection, just click on the text or the cover to open your selection in Spotify, enjoy!