July 31, 2011

Golden View for Google+ Chrome Firefox Safari

golden view extension

The Golden View for Google+ extension isn’t full of flashy gimmicks, it just offers to add solid and much needed functionality to Google+. The single most useful and important thing this extension does, in my opinion, is “Mute User”. There are many reasons you would want to just be able to mute a user rather than flat out blocking them, so this function of Golden View is great.



My second favorite feature of Golden View is the search toggle. With a click of the “Toggle Search Type” button you can turn your “Find People” search box into a Google+ site search. Typing in your search words and hitting enter will open a new tab with your search results, nice! Here is a full list of features as of the writing of this article:

  1. **User Mute** – Mutes all posts by specific users.
  2. **Default Circle** – Set a circle as default (instead of Stream).
  3. **Hide Images** – Hide image: original and all shares.
  4. **Hide Comments** – Hide comments (option hide all by default).
  5. **Search With Google** – Search Google+ with Google Search.

Golden View was created by Micah Wittman and can be downloaded in the Chrome Store for free. I’m using Golden View extension on my Chrome browser right now, but it’s also available for Firefox and Safari, highly recommended!