The Google TV director of Content, Donagh O’Malley, let the proverbial cat out of the bag during a Q & A session yesterday at the Connected TV Panel, MIPCOM 2011. After being asked an unrelated question about Google TV, Mr. O’malley volunteered information on a time frame for the upcoming Google TV 2.0 (Android 3.1) Honeycomb update release:

What I can tell you about what’s coming up with Google TV, is version two is about to launch probably within the next three or four weeks.

-Donagh O’Malley, Director of Content, Google TV

So there you have it, straight from the mouths of Google, yet another time frame for when the Android 3.1 Honeycomb update is going to be released for Google TV. Will they meet this new time frame? Google’s track record is dismal in regards to GTV updates, so I’m sure no one is going to be holding their breath. He did say “probably“, after all.

Also of note– O’Malley stated there are currently around 250 apps optimized for Google TV, and that number is growing. He also added that when Google TV 2.0 goes live users will go from 8 apps to over 1,000 overnight.


If you’re interested in hearing more of what O’Malley and other members of the panel had to say at the MIPCOM 2011, Connected TV Panel, the video is below:


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I agree with you both, I believe the reason why they are moving at a snail's pace with this is because 1. not enough people have come aboard the GTV bandwagon which leadsme to my second point, "Marketing". Kevin Bacon is not the answer. In this downturn economy in America, the Sony NSZ-GT1 and Sony brand GTV's are still too expensive and with possible new Logitech, Vizio, Panasonic and others making TV's & STB's with no arrival times or $$$ no one cares accept the few 150,000-500,000 people who bought the Revue @ slashed cost and the slim group of 125,000 who bought Sony. They hope with good marketing they will catch lightning in a bottle a year later. Until they release the Alpha sometime this year I will continue to use my D-Link Boxee Box.


3 or 4 weeks is so vague. He might as well have said,"November or December." This constant postponement of its release is tiresome, but at the very least it might be an indication that are really trying to hammer out all the bugs and provide as many fixes as they can. One can only hope this is the reason for the constant delays.