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September 13, 2011

How To: Get Spotify (and everything else) on Google TV, PS3 (and everywhere else)

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  This How To Works for PS3 as well as Google TV and other DLNA enabled Devices

If you’re a Google TV user, and a Spotify user then you’ve probably been frustrated by not being able to stream Spotify through your Google TV. Well, in today’s digital era, there’s a workaround for everything. You can get Spotify on your Google TV through the magic of DLNA, you just have to use the right DLNA server software. Don’t worry, it only sounds complicated, it’s easy to do, even if you’re not a tech geek.

I’ve been using Jamcast for the past week to stream Spotify (and my entire music collection) to my Google TV (and to my PlayStation 3, and my Android phone), and I’m really enjoying it. I originally downloaded Jamcast for the sole reason of getting Spotify on my Google TV, but have since found that I’m loving it’s streaming capabilities for  getting all the music I have on my hard drive to my PS3 and Android phone as well. It’s not perfect though, read on and I’ll break down the good and bad points for you.


Jamcast Spotify on PS3

Jamcast Streaming Spotify on PlayStation3


What is Jamcast?

In a nutshell, Jamcast is a program you run on your computer that lets you stream any audio (including Spotify, Pandora, other streaming audio; and music stored on your hard drive as well) to pretty much any DLNA enabled device (Logitech Revue, PS3, Xbox, etc). On top of this, they also have an Android application. Even though it’s in beta, the Android app is still available to the public for download from their website.



What’s Sweet About Jamcast

Spotify on your Google TV, of course!


Sound quality. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the music streaming from Jamcast.


Access all your music anywhere. It’s really awesome to be able to stream your music collection, plus any music service you can access on your computer, to anywhere in your house without having to move a hard drive around.


Listen with multiple devices simultaneously. Today I was streaming Spotify to my upstairs television and MP3’s to my downstairs one at the same time. I’m not sure of the number of devices you can use at the same time, but anything more than one is a plus in my book.


Android App. This is pretty awesome, I don’t need it for streaming Spotify to my Android obviously, but having access to all the music on my hard drive from anywhere is pretty darn sweet.


Jamcast Android Screenshot

Jamcast Android App Screenshot


What Sucks About Jamcast

Spotify control. You can’t control Spotify through your Google TV. You have to do all the playlist changing or song skipping from your computer. (Just to be clear, you can control the music on your hard drive from your Google TV using Jamcast)


Setup. It might not work for you right off the bat, it didn’t for me. I had to visit the support page and tweak some settings. All the tweaking only took about 5 minutes though.


Occasional glitches. Sometimes after a few hours of streaming Spotify, I’ll get some skips or choppiness. A quick reboot of the Jamcast server and my Revue fixed it. I have to add, I don’t know if this is Jamcast’s fault, Logitech’s, or my network; but if I get glitches, I feel obligated to pass them on to my readers. It hasn’t happened to me all day today though.



The Verdict

Jamcast delivers great sound quality, and has pretty good (but not perfect) reliability. They have a 14 day free trial, so I would suggest taking advantage of it and testing it out with your setup. Make sure it works for you before buying it. I think you’ll try it for Spotify, and end up loving it for so many more reasons!


Jamcast Streaming Spotify to Google TV

Jamcast Streaming Spotify to Google TV


How to get Spotify on your Google TV

(I used Windows 7 and Logitech Revue for this)

1) Download and install Jamcast. If it doesn’t start itself, go ahead and run it.


2)  Start playing some music in Spotify on your computer that is running Jamcast.


3) From your home screen on the Logitech Revue, go to Applications -> Logitech Media Player. You should see “Networked Sources” in the middle of your screen, go ahead and click on Jamcast -> Virtual Soundcard -> Virtual Soundcard (again). Wait a few seconds, is it playing? If so, you’re golden. If not, see step 4.


4) If you can’t hear anything from your virtual soundcard on the Google TV, then try this. This is what I had to do to get it working. In your Jamcast Server Manager click the “Devices” tab. Then right click on your Google TV (it shows as “Unknown device” in mine). In the window that comes up, under setting, change “Enable seek trick mode” and “Force MP3 capture stream” from “False” to “True”.  Apply the settings, restart Jamcast, then reboot your Logitech Revue (don’t go pulling the power cord on your Revue, just push “Control + Alt + Delete” for a quick and easy reboot).


Jamcast Google TV Spotify Settings

Server Manager settings for Step 4

5) That should have worked, but if it didn’t, you’ll need to check the Jamcast support section.


Also, keep an eye out for updates to Jamcast! There is an awesome new plugin for Jamcast that adds a ton more functionality when streaming Spotify to the PS3 or Google TV, if Spotify ever lets us have it that is.


There’s lots more Spotify goodness to come! Be sure not to miss our updates,

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