Until a couple of weeks ago, earbuds and I have shared a less than warm and fuzzy relationship.  They tangle, they crackle, the sound is less than stellar and they pop out of my ears at least once every 60 seconds.  The fact that I have two small children who destroy everything I own also does not fair well for these fragile contraptions.  For years I have been confined to exercising with head phones, but having a job which requires frequent conference calls – earbuds with a decent mic are a necessary evil.

This all changed a couple of weeks ago when my husband presented me with a beautiful set of BassBuds.  My initial reaction was reserved – I mean how many times do I have to endure another failed relationship with these things?  But they were shiny and pretty, lightweight aluminum, and the cord looked virtually indestructible so I figured why not?  My initial elation what short lived when I tried them on and like all ear buds they popped right out of my ears, but upon further inspection I noticed that there was a smaller size…  a completely foreign and wonderful concept to me, because they fit!  Further inspection showed two more sets of buds, one in black, and another in black memory foam.  I switched them out for the memory phone and popped them into my Droid Razr so I could enjoy my favorite Spotify playlist while cooking dinner.  It was in the hour that followed that my relationship with earbuds changed forever.

BassBuds earphones with boxes open showing package content

Once I realized that I found a set of earbuds that would actually stay in and was completely void of the “crackle” sound (three cheers for memory foam).  My next priority is sound.  Generally ear buds could never compare to head phones, but BassBuds are a definite exception.  I mentioned earlier that they are pretty; and one of the prettiest things about them are the Swarovski crystals in the ends of each bud.  The crystals not only bring a touch of bling, but they are the key to BassBuds’ Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology.  The highs are crisp, the lows smooth and the memory foam blocks outside sounds all making my listening experience something well above anything I have ever experienced with earbuds or headphones.  After testing them on all of my favorite songs, I switched over to Audible and tried it out on my favorite books.  I have generally found audio book listening to be not so enjoyable on headphones, but on the BassBuds, my books are as smooth as if the reader was right next to me.  The built in controller makes flipping between tracks or pausing so easy and convenient.

As I said earlier, my earbuds must contain a mic…  first of all, I live in South Florida, where immense traffic is an everyday part of life; second, I have a job that requires arduous conference calls that cut into my time, but do not reduce my workload and finally, I have two small children.  In other words, the ability to make and receive calls hands free is an absolute necessity in my life.  Initially the mic was a godsend.  It seemed that no one even noticed that I was using hands free.  The MP3 controller also works very well for answering, muting and ending calls.  However, the past couple days I have received a lot of complaints about static on the other end; when I take the Bass Buds out there isn’t a problem.  My call recipients seem to like them better than speaker, at least.

Close up picture of BassBuds earphones mic and call controller

Other features include the tangle free cord.  Now honestly, all cords tangle – but you can untangle this one in less than 10 seconds.  I believe this is largely due to the material the cord is made out of.  It is virtually indestructible.  The lightweight aluminum used for the casing, mic and controls is not only function, but also beautiful, and the velvet bag they come with is great for someone like me who has to keep them at all times.  Then there’s the colors; they come in every color combination you could imagine.  My husband gave me the dark blue which are a lovely medium between royal and navy blue.  Depending on how the light hits them, they also have a purpleish hue.  They are stunning.  I wear them around my neck all day with a loose knot and I get so many compliments.  They seem to appeal equally to the men and women of Miami… and we all know that style reigns in this part of the country.

With the jury still out on the mic, I have to say that overall I am, for the first time ever, pleased with my earbuds.  BassBuds get an excellent 4.5 out of 5.

If you’re in the US and are interested in learning more about BassBuds, or would like to purchase your own set check them out at !