I don’t have as much time to write as I used to so this will be a quick and easy review of the new Motorola Droid Maxx. I’ve owned this phone for roughly three or four weeks now and I’ve decided it’s time to share my impressions with you. I switched over from a Galaxy Nexus by the way, loved that phone, hated the battery in it though.

First, the build quality. The Droid Maxx is very well built with Gorilla Glass that keeps going over the sides of the device to meet up with the Kevlar backing. I’ve read other reviews that say this is an ugly phone, but I must strongly disagree. The Droid Maxx has a kind of industrial elegance to it- quite masculine to the core. The phone looks so good to me that I haven’t the heart to put a case on it, I love the Kevlar look that much.

The performance of the Droid Maxx is beyond what I had expected from the device. It’s not a spec monster, but it seems that specs don’t matter much any more. This phone has obviously been tweaked and tuned to run like butter regardless of the specs. I’ve not had any lag whatsoever in my time owning this phone. Now I tried to make it lag; running bit torrent downloading a two gigabyte file while listening to Spotify, and updating apps in the Google Play store all while surfing the web in Chrome didn’t cause as much as a hiccup with the Droid Maxx. I can tell you right now, throw the spec sheets out the window and look at the performance of the phone- this phone performs and it performs well.

The screen on the Motorola Droid Maxx is absolutely stunning! People who are worried about the lower resolution compared to other flagship smart phones need not worry. You will not be disappointed by the display on this phone!

The camera is one area where this phone may need some improvement, and this has been acknowledged by Motorola. They are pushing out an update to fix camera issues “soon” so we will see how that goes. In the meantime I can only talk about how the camera performs now. You can get some great shots with the Droid Maxx camera, but you will not always get great shots. The pictures seem to sometimes be a bit undersaturated and flat. Not that this can’t be fixed in about five seconds using Snapseed or another image editing app for your phone. Also, in low light situations I’ve noticed a lot of noise in the pictures taken by the Droid Maxx. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying the camera is bad, it’s just average. Some Sample Pictures taken with the Droid Maxx (more review after the break):

Taken with Motorola Droid Maxx

Taken with Motorola Droid Maxx

Taken with Motorola Droid Maxx

The reception quality of the Droid Maxx is outstanding. I’m getting 4G in places where my old Galaxy Nexus would only register 3G. And in my local hospital where the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t even get a voice signal the Droid Maxx is registering two to three bars of 3G in the exact same areas of the hospital. Motorola is known for their great radios and it shows through in the Droid Maxx.

Now to the main attraction, the battery. I couldn’t be happier with the battery life I’m getting from the Droid Maxx. On average I’m getting eight to ten hours of on-screen time on a single charge. This is usually just listening to Spotify, browsing forums in Tapatalk, and surfing the web. If I get into a gaming mood then my battery life drops to around 6 hours give or take a bit. If I weren’t such a heavy user I’m sure I would get the 48 hours of battery life that Motorola claims for the Droid Maxx.

In conclusion, I love this phone! From its industrial looks to its buttery smooth performance to its phenomenal battery life, almost every aspect of the Droid Maxx is pure perfection. All in all, this is may be the best phone I’ve ever owned.