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October 28, 2011

Spotify Bans DLNA App for PS3

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Written by: Israel Kendall
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Banned Spotify App for PS3


If you’re a Spotify subscriber and own a PlayStation3, you’ve probably often wondered how long it would be until there is a Spotify app for your PS3. The more tech savvy among you probably know that you can stream Spotify to your PS3 using Jamcast. This article isn’t about Jamcast, but about a new plugin for Jamcast that has been banned by Spotify.


Jamcast is a program you can download an run on your PC that streams audio to any DLNA enabled device, including Sony Google TV, Logitech Revue and the PS3. It allows you to not only stream your music collection from your local hard drive, but also music services such as Spotify and Pandora. So, if you can already stream Spotify to your PS3, then what’s this article all about?


It’s all bout an amazing new plugin Software Development Solutions Inc (the maker of Jamcast) was able to create for Jamcast utilizing the Spotify API. In it’s current form, when streaming Spotify to your PS3 using Jamcast, you still have to control the Spotify client from your PC. But with the new plugin users would be able to actualy control Spotify from their PlayStation 3 controllers, allowing you to access all your playlists, starred music, friends, inbox, top lists and more- complete with album art, and all right there in your living room.


Check out this preview video showing the Jamcast plugin in action, then read on below for more:


Looks pretty awesome, right? I think so too, and I’d love to have this on my PS3! After seeing the preview video this morning, I spoke with Scott Streaker, CEO of Software Development Solutions Inc, to find out when the new plugin would be available to the public. The answer? Never.


Spotify has strict Terms of Service for developers using their API, and until recently were not able to use it for any commercial means. Currently, developers are allowed to use the API commercially as long as they submit their products to Spotify for approval prior to release.

Jamcast Logo

This is exactly what Scott did, he submitted the new Jamcast plugin, complete with the preview video to Spotify for approval. After a bit of a wait he received an answer, the new Jamcast plugin was a no-go. Spotify will not allow it to see the light of day.


Why? Because Spotify considers this “re-streaming” or “rebroadcasting” of their content, even though it’s only rebroadcasting it from your PC to your PS3. I totally understand Spotify not wanting people to rebroadcast their music streams, but not wanting me to rebroadcast it to my living room? Now that’s just ridiculous.


Spotify has been making big moves into the living room space recently, first via the WD TV Live, and then on Boxee. Given this demonstrated motivation to occupy our living rooms; given the fact that Sony may never allow a Spotify app on the PS3 to compete with their own Q Music Unlimited service; and given the fact that you would have to be a Premium Spotify subscriber to use the plugin (only premium subs can use API’s),  you would think Spotify would be ecstatic about this new plugin. It would not only be a great solution to getting Spotify to the PS3, but also would be another “perk” to entice free subscribers into upgrading to the premium Spotify service.


What do you think, should this plugin be allowed, or do you think Spotify is justified in banning it? I personally feel that “rebroadcasting” my Spotify stream to my living room should be completely acceptable within the Spotify TOS. Actually, it is. I read through the Spotify TOS both for users and developers and could not find one mention of “rebroadcasting”. So, what gives Spotify?


I believe there is an term in the deals Spotify has with the labels that they must secure the channels the content is streamed on so it won't be able to minimise the risk of downloading illegaly content.


Its not fair, PS3 and Spotify should be a match made in heaven, why can't the commercials be battered out to best benefit the customer? Isn't this a fundamental principle of business? Where can I download this App? Surely this is an unofficial source where I can download this?


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